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    Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON PERCUSSION III Standard Library Download

    This third and final Collection adds new instruments to this series of exquisite gems from Synchron Stage Vienna’s huge drum vault, such as several snares, cymbals, Latin percussion, marimba, whistles, boobams and so much more. It also contains the powerful Big Bang Orchestra percussion ensembles, including Monster Drums and Thunder Toms. MAC/PC
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    From Classical to Latin

    Synchron Percussion III is the third and last installment in a series of exquisite instruments, recorded in an extraordinary environment where classic acoustics, groundbreaking technology and professional experience create the perfect formula for excellence. All instruments of this collection were recorded with a multi-microphone setup in Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna, giving you all the sonic flexibility you can imagine in a percussion library, from pure and pristine touches to heavily processed outbursts.

    The ensemble performances of Synchron Percussion III are also included in the Big Bang Orchestra Packs Dorado (Percussion Ensembles), Eridanus (Percussion Ensemble Riffs), and Fornax (Pitched Percussion Ensembles).

    • 5 Timpani (Adams, C2-C4, hit with a hard beater)
    • "Big Timpani" Ensemble
    • Field Drum (Aural)
    • Marching Snare (Yamaha)
    • Piccolo Snare (Kolberg)
    • Snare Drum (Aural Nut)
    • Boobams
    • Monster Drums Ensemble
    • Bass Drums Ensemble
    • Thunder Toms Ensemble
    • Special Drums Ensemble
    • Snare Ensemble
    • Drum Ensemble Riffs
    • Drums & Pianos Ensemble
    • Low Bells & Pianos Ensemble
    • High Bells Ensemble
    • Piatti (Sabian 20")
    • Sizzle Cymbal (Zildjian 18")
    • Splash Cymbals (Zildjian 8", 12")
    • Ancient Cymbals
    • Suspended Cymbal Ensemble
    • Super Crashes Ensemble
    • Big Metal Ensemble
    • Small Metal Ensemble
    • High Gongs Ensemble
    • Marimba
    • Temple Blocks
    • Cencerros
    • Hand Bells
    • Rin Bells
    • Jingle Bells
    • Flexatones
    • Car Horns
    • Warning and siren horns
    • Whistles
    • Bird calls
    • Slide Flutes
    • Jingle Ring
    • Congas
    • Bongos
    • Timbales
    • Cow bells
    • Agogo bells
    • Guiros
    • Sandpaper blocks
    • Claves
    • Cabasas
    • Wind chimes
    Standard LibraryFull Library
    Sample Amount206,940346,245
    Download File Size44.8 GB85.4 GB
    Installed File Size125.8 GB

    229.6 GB


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