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    David Green

    "Chris was enormously helpful and patient with me in walking me through a remote upgrade of my ADK system. He worked to diagnose what could be done to improve the system, helped me with the acquisition of parts, guided me through installation, and then made it all work right when a touch of troubleshooting was required. It was great to have that level of support throughout when tinkering with the mission-critical heart of my studio. Chris knows his stuff, and he takes the time to work with you, doing whatever is necessary to complete the job. He is highly recommended!"

    Rick Tell

    "Everything in my recording studio revolves around the computer. For the past fifteen years, Chris Ludwig has custom built all the computers in my Emmy Award-winning recording studio. I would not choose anyone else. Exemplifying world-class customer service: When FedEx had ruined several attempts at delivery, Chris actually drove over 250 miles to build my new pc on-site at my studio! He's my friendly "go-to guru" about everything computer audio related. Fundamental Audio Video is the best!"

    Multi Keyboardist, Producer, Engineer, Teacher, and Composer Rick Tell The host of Club Cubase Nashville and Nashville Audio Professionals

    Tom Paul

    "I have known and relied on Chris for about 10 years now. He provided tech support for another company that built my 1st couple of DAWs, and I was really worried when they shut down. I had really come to depend on him to sort out my computer issues as they arose! I found him on Gear Slutz and was happy to hear he had started his own company. This summer I bought a new Fundamental AV Neo PC and an East-West Library. We discussed my needs over the phone, and Chris put me in the best and most cost-effective machine for my needs. I track songs in my studio on a PC running Cubase 10.5 but the real mixing is done by a producer friend, so I didn't need a super-powerful unit. He also helped me retrieve files from a nearly dead hard drive. I will also say that I went to that old company that built the failing DAW (who was now back in business), and they gave me bad advice that didn't work. They weren't very interested in supporting me. I have complete confidence that Chris will be there as support issues arise. Finding tech answers on forums and websites and then trying them to find they don't work can be SO frustrating. I just want to make music! Chris logs onto my unit remotely, bing, bang, bang, it's done!"


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