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Hornberg Research hb1 MIDI Breath Controller

The Breath Controller for sensitive LIVE and STUDIO performance
$849.00 excl tax

iConnectivity Lightning to USB type B iOS In-line Connection Cable

Lightning Connection Cable for your iConnect MIDI2+, iConnect MIDI4+ or iConnect AUDIO4+.
$45.00 excl tax

iConnectivity mio

1x1 MIDI interface for Mac or PC with world-class iConnectivity engineering inside. It's plug-and-play, easy to install, fast, and dependable (just like you).
$39.99 excl tax

iConnectivity mio2

2x2 5-pin MIDI, support for two Macs/PCs at the same time.
$89.99 excl tax

iConnectivity mioXC

mioXC is a 1-in-1-out USB or iOS 16 channel MIDI interface to connect your MIDI compatible controller, keyboard, synthesizer or drum machine to your computer, iOS, or Android device. It's got both USB A and USB C to MIDI Din.
$49.99 excl tax

iConnectivity mioXL

8x12 5-pin MIDI, and support for everything: 10X USB MIDI host ports, 22 Network/RTP MIDI ports, inter-computer MIDI... up to 23 computers at the same time!
$399.99 excl tax

iConnectivity mioXM

4x4 5 pin MIDI Din, 4x USB MIDI ports, 12 Network / RTP MIDI ports and much more.
$249.99 excl tax

MOTU Fastlane USB

2x2 USB MIDI interface
$79.00 excl tax

MOTU Micro Express

4x6 USB MIDI interface
$249.00 excl tax

MOTU Micro Lite

5x5 USB MIDI interface
$139.00 excl tax

MOTU MIDI Express 128

8x8 USB MIDI interface
$235.00 excl tax


8x8 USB MIDI interface
$349.00 excl tax

Presonus Atom

Production and Performance USB MIDI Pad Controllers
$149.95 excl tax

Presonus Atom Producer Lab

ATOM Producer Lab: Complete Audio and MIDI Production Kit
$299.95 excl tax