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    MADI Fiber Optic Cable, 1 meter LC-SC, Multimode OM2, Simplex, 50/125

    1 Meter – MADI LC to SC Multimode 50/125 glass fiber optic patch simplex 2.0mm LC Connector to3.0mm SC Connector
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    MADI Fiber Optic LC to SC Patch Cables, Multimode, OM2, Simplex, 50/125

    Ideal for connecting RME MADI devices to LC Fiber Optic devices like Ferrofish ADDA converter. 

    These MADI Multimode fiber optic patch cables are 50-micron diameters for the actual glass core. With the cladding layer, they are 125 microns. The connector is a 2.0mm if the cable has an LC connector.

    The cable is 50/125 glass and are classified as OM2 fiber, which means at 850nm (wavelength of the light source), they have a bandwidth of 500 MHz-km, maximum attenuation of 2.3dB/km, and a typical maximum distance of 300 meters (at 100mbps) or 600 meters (at 1000mbps).

    At a wavelength of 1300nm, they have a bandwidth of 500 MHz-km, max attenuation of 0.6dB/km, and typical max distance of 2km (at 100mbps) and 600 meters (at 1000mbps).

    These are simplex cables (one fiber and one connector at each end).

    These 50/125 fiber cables are optimized for laser light sources and gigabit speeds (1000mbps).

    Insertion Loss <=0.2dB (Max), <=0.1dB (typical); MTRJ <=0.5dB (Max)
    Durability: >500 matings with <0.2dB increase
    Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
    Storage Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
    Cable: OFNR riser rated, Orange, OM2, 2mm or 3mm OD. LSZH, Plenum, and OM1/OM3/OM4 are also available

    Each cable assembly is 100% factory tested to meet Telcordia GR326-CORE standards.


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