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    Impact Soundworks Resonance: Emotional Mallets Download

    Manufacturer: Impact Soundworks
    Unique mallet perc and ensembles
    SKU: 1224-43
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    Resonance: Emotional Mallets

    Evocative, custom-made stone, metal, wood and glass instruments that range in timbre from warm and beautiful to haunting, spine-tingling, mournful and everything in between.


    • Over 4,000 pristine 24-bit samples
    • Deep sampled velocity + RR layers
    • Dry, close-miced sound with a touch of air
    • Sound design collection


    • Mallets, fingers, hand and bowed playing
    • Tonal, atonal and percussive sounds
    • Aquarion, stonaphone, pipeharp, wrenchaphone
    • Boltophone, glass gong, bass tongue drum
    • Glass tongue drum, metal whale drum, metal sheet
    • Metal ensemble, pot lids, gamelan ensemble
    • Extensive sound design/FX patches


    • Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version, not player) or higher
    • Requires 2.4GB of disk space


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