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Warranty and Polices

Fundamental Audio and Video (LLC) Policy & Warranty Terms:


Please read, by ordering from Fundamental AV  you are agreeing to the following.


By ordering from  Fundamental AV either thru phone, web, email, live chat, in-store, or any other way you are agreeing to these terms.


Standard 2 Year Computer System Warranty


Our base warranty is  2 year parts and labor and Lifetime tech support**.  Warranty upgrades are available at the time of purchase to provide this service for an additional year for a total of 3 years parts and labor and extended shipping coverage. All Fundamental AV systems include Lifetime tech support** regardless of which warranty purchased with the  system.


No matter which warranty you have chosen we have a 30 day lemon clause. It is our goal to provide to you a fully functional turn-key experience. If your system is not functioning correctly within the first 30 days following delivery we will remedy the issue at our expense, including ground  shipping for US customers. Canadian and US customers in Alaska and Hawaii must cover return shipping to us. We cover the shipping back to you. Return shipping will be Economy air//ground. If you wish to have shipping expedited in either direction please contact us to arrange when submitting the RMA. Customers are responsible for any expedited shipping costs in either direction, The additional shipping costs must be paid for before the system ships.

Before any return for repair RMA can be given you will be required to assist our support staff in troubleshooting over the phone and/or remote desktop. Returns are not accepted without the issuance of an RMA number.


With our standard 2 year warranty, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer once the system is outside of our 30 day return policy.


This warranty applies to computer system components only. Under this, we will replace or repair any faulty component for the given warranty period with no charge made for said component or the required labor. In some instances, specifically in the case of special order components and non-standard computer components that are not part of the system original configuration options .

With EOL [End of Life] components, and any other non-standard system component), we may require that the component go back to the original manufacturer for repair, unless within thirty days of delivery. This may be done through us, or we will assist the customer to complete the repair through the manufacturer, as in some cases this will be more expedient.

For components that are standard for most of our systems, we will, when possible, ship you a component from our warehouse, or in some instances have a component drop-shipped direct from one of our vendors. It is expected that the customer will return the bad component to us before we will ship the replacement component, with an exception given during the first 30 days after delivery. We may, at our discretion, provide a cross-ship of the replacement component (Ship the replacement before receiving the bad component). In these instances, the customer may be required to provide a valid credit card number, which will be charged for our retail cost of the replacement item unless the broken component is returned to us in fewer than two weeks from the arrival of the replacement. Failure to pay charges for missing returned components may result in cancellation of customers warranty and support services. When replacing system components we reserve the right to use remanufactured (refurb) components and to, when circumstance dictates, send a component of a different model and/or brand so long as it is an equivalent in both performance and value.

Laptop Specific Warranty (US and Canada Only)

All Laptops include a 2 years parts and labor warranty and and Lifetime* tech support. There are also 3 year extended warranties available at the time of purchase. The warranty for the laptop shell will be entirely based upon what is given by that shell's manufacturer. The shell may include, but is not limited to, the plastic casing, Motherboard, LCD, as well as all I/O jacks associated with it. Service for these components ALWAYS requires a return to the shell manufacturer. Any warranty service for the shell and it's associated components made through us will be shipped back to the manufacturer using ground shipping. Any additional shipping options are the customer's responsibility. We may, in some cases and at our discretion, arrange for the laptop to go direct to the shell manufacturer from the customer for repair. This will be entirely at our discretion. The battery and power supply are also covered under warranty by the shell manufacturer, and any service for these items differs to them. Batteries are generally warrantied for 6 months. User serviceable components will be covered under the same policies as our standard warranty on systems for the period of time for which a warranty is purchased. No shipping will be covered unless the custom has a premium extended warranty.


Premium Extended Warranty (US Only)

Our Premium  Warranty provides the same parts and labor coverage as our standard warranty. Under this warranty, we will cover shipping in both directions for both the computer and any components for the time period specified (one or two years). All Returns require an RMA number. We will cover shipping costs to provide delivery to and from our location in no more than three business days (Method used, whether ground or air, will be based on the shippers estimated delivery date). In the event that we are arranging pick up, the customer is still responsible for properly packaging the items being sent back. PLEASE SAVE YOUR PACKAGING.

We reserve the right to charge the customer for costs incurred due to improper packaging. In the event that air shipping is used, the customer generally will have to fill out an airbill which will be provided by the pickup driver. The customer MUST select Three Day Air shipping (with UPS, it is called UPS 3 Day Select). If a customer selects anything other than this they are responsible for the cost of the shipment, and their product(s) will not be returned until this amount is paid in full. When we are scheduling a pickup, the customer is expected to make a reasonable effort to accommodate the scheduling of said pickup. In the event that other options are needed, we may modify this policy at our discretion. In the event that a faster shipping turnaround is requested, the customer will be responsible for the difference between the requested method and that which would normally be used as a condition of this warranty option. In most cases where we cross ship components under the premium warranty, we will provide a return label in the package. In the event that we are not able to do this, we will make other arrangements to provide for the transportation. We may also, at our discretion, drop ship a component from one of our vendors via ground shipping, so long as it is expected to arrive within the standard time period. Return of parts replaced in this manner is still required, and return shipping arrangements will be made at the time of RMA.

International Warranty (System Components Only)

The only warranty available for international orders will be One Year Parts and Labor with Lifetime Support**. Under this, we will replace or repair any faulty component for the given warranty period with no charge made for said component or the required labor. In some instances, specifically in the case of special order components and non-standard computer components (May include but is not limited to: high-end graphics cards, video monitors, EOL [End of Life] components, and any other non-standard system component), we may require that the component go back to the original manufacturer for repair (Unless within thirty days of delivery). We DO NOT cover any shipping for any international order except in the case of shipping damage which will be handled under our shipping damage policy. We will ship replacement components under the customer's direction via their chosen service. In the case of the US Postal Service, we assume no liability for any lost or damaged component. Any replaced component must be returned to us by the customer within 30 days. Any components not returned are subject to a charge to the customer, and any unpaid charges for missing components may result in termination of customers warranty and support policy. In the event of any international warranty shipments, we will not be held responsible for any duties or taxes incurred for the shipment. We will always make our best effort to prevent this by listing replacement components as being for warranty service. We do our best to prevent customs issues, and rarely have a problem with this in most international locations.

Customer software and hardware installation service -


Before any return of any nature can be made, an RMA number must be issued. The customer must contact us to have said number issued. The customer must be willing to troubleshoot their system with our tech support team before an RMA will be issued. Technical support may  be provided via telephone, remote desktop and email. Failure to troubleshoot the system with support may result in additional charges for return of systems or components and may lead to discontinuing of warranty services. If a customer insists upon the return of a so-called faulty component without the approval of Fundamental AV and it is found not to be bad, the customer will be charged for any new component they have received as well as any shipping charges incurred to Fundamental AV.


Shipping Damage

Fundamental AV will be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to any package that we ship via our approved carrier on our account. We will, at our expense, repair or replace any damaged or lost items, so long as the Shipping Damage Policy is not violated. There are instances where we will, at the direction of a customer, ship in ways other than our approved shipping method, but we will not be responsible in any way for any loss or damage that may occur during shipment. Products damaged in shipping must be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt. All shipping carriers have a very strict time limit for such reporting, and if we are not made aware of the damage within the time frame allowed by the shipper, we will not be able to process the damage claim. Damaged products reported to us in the proper time frame will be picked up and repaired/replaced by us, with no cost to you. We may choose to have it repaired at a local computer store, at our discretion. Damaged Computers do not constitute a refund, therefore we will fix or replace the damaged system at our discretion. Rush fees will not be refunded due to damage in shipping. If a customer believes that their system has been damaged, they must call us in accordance to the time frame of this policy. Before any arrangements can be made for return, the customer must go through our standard RMA process to attempt to remedy the damage in the quickest manner possible. Before a system can come back to Fundamental AV because of damage, it must be approved by Fundamental AV's tech support department. Due to the nature of carrier claims departments, all of the carrier's policies must be followed to ensure that the claim is paid. This may specifically include waiting on the carrier to inspect a damaged package. In many cases, it also means that a package shipped ground must be returned via ground shipping. This means that we are unable to expedite that specific shipping process for any price, as doing so may void the coverage of any shipping damage by the carrier and Fundamental AV. Any deviation by the customer from the carriers claims policy may result in non-coverage of the damage claim.

Lifetime Tech Support **

Lifetime tech Support is available all computer system purchased from Fundamental AV only. System purchased from ADK are not included in this lifetime tech support. There is an hourly charge for support on any legacy ADK branded system purchased before June 2018. Please contact Fundamental AV for details on support for older ADK systems.

Support is offered via phone and email. Hours of operation for support are currently Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm EST. We can be flexible to offer support at other times, by appointment only. Our support is intended to make sure that your system is fully functional with your hardware and software that we support. There are instances where we do not support certain software/ hardware, as we know that it does not work. The customer is responsible for informing us of the hardware/ software they intend to use. There are also instances of where we will only support hardware if it is sent to us for installation. If a customer does not wish to take advantage of these services at our recommendation, we may not be able to ensure that all software/ hardware are going to be fully functional. Fundamental AV also maintains a very strict policy regarding pirated software. We will in no way support or install any pirated software at any time. Any system that is sent to us for repair or warranty service with pirated software will be subject to deletion of said software, or possible full restoration of system image to factory defaults. While we will assist customers to make sure that all hardware/ software is fully functional, it is not Fundamental AV's responsibility to teach the customer to use their software/ hardware. All software/ hardware use questions should be directed to the manufacturer or to school or online training company.. Fundamental AV reserves the right to revoke a customer's access to lifetime tech support  for abuse of this policy. Reasons for this revocation may include but are not limited to excessive questions as to the use of software not related to functionality as mentioned above, Refusal to follow directions that remedy the issue, as well as consistently repeating the same actions that are causing an issue when instructed not to by Fundamental AV.

Lifetime support is predicated on the duration of the business relationship as long as Fundamental AV remains in business.

Accounting and Other Legal

Accounting Policy

All orders (Except for Net Terms) must be paid up front in full. On system orders we may, at our discretion, allow for 60% payment up front with the balance due before we ship. International orders require full payment be made via wire transfer before the order is processed. All returned checks will incur a $25 fee. Net Terms will be extended ONLY to the government, educational, other resellers, large corporate accounts, and some large nonprofits. Net terms shall be issued entirely at our discretion. Fundamental AV DOES NOT OFFER COD. Financing is not currently available through Fundamental AV.

There are currently other external payment and leasing options available. Please contact Fundamental AV for details.

Loss of Data or Income

Fundamental AV is not liable for any loss of data for any reason. Please make sure to backup your information as this is the best way to protect your work. Fundamental AV also will not be liable in any way for any loss of income or clients due to the use of our products or any other reason.


By ordering from us either through phone, web, email, live chat, in-store, or any other way you are agreeing to these terms. Any and all legal disputes will have a venue of Litchfield County, CT.