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About us

Fundamental AV, also known as Fundamental Audio and Video, was founded in 2018. We offer world-class custom-built professional PC based digital audio and video workstations. Fundamental AV provides a large selection of high-quality pro audio and video gear and software, and a wide range of audio and video integration, support, and consultation services.
We also offer very affordable hourly tech support and consultation for anyone seeking help in DIY building or upgrading Windows-based audio or video production systems.


Owner/Founder Chris Ludwig

Fundamental Audio and Video Owner - Chris Ludwig

Chris has been an active musician in the independent alternative, experimental, and punk world since the mid-1980s. 

During the late 1990s, through his involvement in the music instrument retail business, he helped co-found Q Performance Systems. They were one of the earliest and most cutting edge custom digital audio workstation designers/builders. They specialized in and designed their systems around some of most at the time revolutionary Digital Audio software and hardware. They sold and some of the first turn-key Ensoniq/E-MU Paris recording systems, Cubase VST, Cakewalk Pro Audio, and Emagic Logic.

In 2005 Chris went on to work for Advanced Design of Kentucky; they were one of the premier gaming computer builders and parts suppliers. He helped to reinvent the company's focus and grow it into a parent company( ADK Media Group) with two divisions focused on their particular specialized markets of pro audio (ADK Pro Audio) and pro video (ADK Pro Video). Through his leadership and the original ADK team, ADK grew into one of the most respected and successful custom PC digital audio and digital video builders in the world.

In 2018 with the change of ownership and staff at ADK, Chris founded Fundamental Audio and Video with the intent of offering the same unparalleled support and knowledge he established while at ADK.