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Virtual Instruments

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Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Key

The ViennaKey is a USB protection device by eLicenser that is required to run any Vienna Symphonic Library product. It is not included in any library or software product but has to be purchased separately.

Steinberg E-Licenser USB KEY

E-Licenser USB Copy Protection Key

Acousticsamples Balani Instrument Download

The Virtual Balafon Balani is a 2 1/2 octave balafon (or balaphon) with small calabash resonators form Guinea. sample library plugin

Acousticsamples WoodBoxes Cajon Instrument Download

WoodBoxes is a compilation of two Cajon libraries, WoodBox a regular sized Cajon and TheBox a Bass Cajon. sample library plugin

Sample Fuel Poly CRE8 2.0 Analog model synth for Halion - HalionSonic 3

Modern classic 3-oscillator synth for HALion and Halion Sonic featuring a Sub, Noise and Ring Oscillator

Sonoma Wire Works DrumCore 4 Lite

Pro Drum Loops and Drum Kit Samples for Songwriters

Acousticsamples Bassysm-F Fretless Bass Instrument Download

The Bassysm-F Fretless bass is a five string ibanez bass with roundwound strings. sample library plugin

Acousticsamples SmallDrumKits Drum Instrument Download

The SmallDrumKits are 4 different Drum Kits (3kits plys the old DrumysM), each has two toms, a snare, a ride, a hihat and a bass drum. sample library plugin

Acousticsamples A-Pian Gran Piano Instrument Download

The A-Pian Grand piano is and old french Gaveau piano sample library plugin

Acousticsamples B-Pian Instrument Download

The B-Pian Upright is a bad, old, out of tune, mechanically unperfect but still usable upright piano sample library plugin