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    Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Harp upgrade to full Library Download

    Lyon & Healy Style 30 Concert Grand harp using Vienna's ew Synchron Harp Player Virtual Instrument Mac/PC
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    Synchron Harp

    • Lyon & Healy Style 30 Concert Grand harp
    • New Synchron Harp Player recreates the pedaling mechanism
    • Chromatic and Pedal Mode
    • Play glissandos simply by gliding over the white keys
    • Quick access to pre-configured pedalizations
    • Masterfully crafted mixer presets

    The harp is a supremely beautiful instrument, that is also very complex. Even some of the greatest classical composers often found it difficult to write for the harp and its multi-faceted possibilities. The instrument is equally challenging to play. It’s almost impossible to master a demanding piece just by sight-reading, requiring adequate time to prepare and work out the pedaling. On the other hand, a harp can achieve sounds no other instrument can approach, particularly in the hands of a master player in an ideal acoustic environment.

    With Tina Žerdin, long-time harpist of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, a wonderful Lyon & Healy Style 30 Concert Grand harp placed in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna, and the talent of Chief Recording Engineer Bernd Mazagg, we knew we had all of the elements put in place to create the best possible recordings.

    The Standard Library and the upgrade to the Full Library are separate downloads.

    Standard LibraryFull Library
    Sample Amount39,49063,184
    Download File Size17.2 GB29.4 GB
    Installed File Size55.3 GB92.2 GB


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