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    Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestra: Izar Download

    Big Bang Orchestra: Izar Pack MAC/PC Clusters have become a fixture in modern film scores, and this module packs various articulations and dynamic layers of semi-tone clusters performed by our Synchron Stage low brass ensemble into one breathtaking library.
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    Low Brass Clusters

    • Synchron Stage Vienna’s famous low brass section
    • Ensemble of four bass trombones, one bass tuba, one contrabass tuba
    • Half-tone clusters in a wide variety of articulations
    • Extra fortississimo layers for an extremely brassy and dramatic sound
    • Multiple microphone positions, additional close mic positions
    • From ominous pianissimos to breathtaking fortississimos

    Dramatic Dissonance

    Clusters have become a fixture in modern film scores. Especially low brass instruments are frequently deployed to create this sonic effect, so we decided to dedicate an entire volume of our Big Bang Orchestra series to exploring this technique.

    BBO: Izar includes all of the articulations of the Low Brass prequel Hercules, sans legatos, played as clusters. You get short notes, marcatos, several dynamic articulations (sfzsffz, various crescendos and decrescendos), flutter tonguing, trills, glissandos and fast repetitions, all played as half-tone clusters consisting of three adjacent semitones. It’s easy to figure out which notes you hear when you press a key: The played note is at the center of three clustered notes, with one a semitone higher and the third a semitone lower.

    As in BBO: Hercules, the low brass ensemble consists of four bass trombones, one bass tuba, and one contrabass tuba. For sustained notes you can choose whether to use an additional fff layer. There’s also a preset that combines patches of BBO: Hercules (if installed) and Izar that lets you crossfade from straight notes to clusters.

    BBO: Izar offers the usual mixer presets that integrate seamlessly with all the other modules of the Big Bang Orchestra. What’s more, the “Processed” category offers mixer presets such as “Compressed”, “Sparkling”, “Wall of Low Brass”, “Howling Brass”, and “Threatening Sustain” that correspond with the Low Brass presets of Big Bang Orchestra: Hercules.

    Big Bang Orchestra: Izar - Sample Content

    Big Bang Orchestra: Izar
    BBO Izar
    • Brass clusters; special XFade Preset for owners of BBO Hercules and BBO Izar
    • Short notes, bold and agile
    • Sustained regular with and without fff layer, soft, marcato, and espressivo
    • Sforzato, sforzatissimo, swells short and long, soft and very soft swells, soft diminuendo
    • Flutter tonguing
    • Half and whole tone trills
    • Fast repetitions, staccato at 120/140/160 BPM
    • Glissandos minor and major 2nd

    Big Bang Orchestra: Izar - System Requirements

    System Requirements

    • PC Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
    • OS X 10.10 (latest update) or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Hard drive for sample content: 7200 rpm or faster (SSD recommended)
    • 8 GB RAM
    • AU/VST/AAX Native compatible host (AAX version requires Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)
    • VIENNA KEY (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device) or other USB eLicenser (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia)
    • 3.6 GB free hard drive space

    Other configurations may work but are not actively supported.


    • Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
    • macOS 10.12 (or higher), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
    • SSD (M2, Sata 6 or USB3/3.1 UASP Support) for sample content
    • 88 key master keyboard


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