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    Tone 2 Rayblaster 2 A radically new form of synthesis! Download

    Manufacturer: Tone2
    A radically new form of synthesis! AU, Mac, VST, Win
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    RayBlaster 2.5 - a radically new form of synthesis!

    Impulse Modelling Synthesis (IMS) is far more than a marketing buzzword - it is a radically new and different approach for sound generation, which is based on the latest research in psychoacoustics. Because of its innovative synthesis method, RayBlaster2 offers a wide range of very unique sounds, which can’t be created by other synthesizers.

    RayBlaster 2.5 ships with an inspiring library of over 1100 presets created by the world's top sound designers. Many complex sounds such as arpeggiators, vocals or drumloops automatically synchronize to your track's BPM. For fast & easy access to a specific sound you desire, Tone2 arranged them into logical categories, making them easy to locate whether for live-performance or within a studio environment.

    A straightforward patch browser gives you instant access to a huge sound library of ready-to-use patches.

    Features Overview:

    • Revolutionary, new synthesis method
    • Unique signature sound
    • Over 1100 inspiring sounds created by professional designers
    • Discover a completely new sonic territory
    • High-end sound quality
    • Huge sonic range and high flexibility
    • Easy to use & fun to play
    • Powerful sound engine with true stereo architecture
    • Create distinctive sounds that are impossible to produce with other synthesizers
    • Quickly catches your audiences' attention and makes your music to stand out from the crowd
    • Comfortable patch browser and flexible preset management
    • Modular effect section with 44 effect types
    • Drag & drop modulation

    What is Impulse Modeling Synthesis?

    This innovative approach to sound generation goes far beyond traditional forms of synthesis. It offers a completely new world of sounds and huge potential for producing creative modern music.

    Conventional synthesizers use a technique that is known as ‘substractive-synthesis’: An oscillator plays a looped waveform that is passed through a filter to shape the sound. In contrast, RayBlaster uses an entirely new approach for synthesis. It creates its distinctive sound by combining many short bursts of energy to form a complex sound. In fact, this innovative technique is very close to how our human inner ear perceives sound. Because of this radically different synthesis method RayBlaster offers a massive amount of unique signature sounds, which are impossible with other synthesizers. You can convince yourself by downloading the free demo version of RayBlaster.


    PC: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista (32 bit or 64 bit)
    PC formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, standalone

    Mac: Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
    Mac formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, 32-bit Audiounit, 64-bit Audiounit

    Product activation:
    An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.


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