The Threadripper has arrived!

The Threadripper  has arrived!

Finally, after extensive testing and qualifying our AMD Ryzen Threadripper systems. The results have been great overall, so we are happy to be offering this new option to our video and 3D video production customers.


Fundamental AV Extreme TRX

Pro Video and 3D Animation Computer. Incredibly powerful AMD Ryzen™ 3rd Gen Threadripper processor Huge amounts of power for faster renders, more real-time video effects, and 3D animations. Support for up to three GPUs and a CPU support for up to 32 cores and 64 threads and 128 Gigs of ram. 4k, 6k whatever. It's going to handle it. 

Perfect for mid-sized and large studios.

  • HD Video Production
  • 4K Video production
  • 6k Video production
  • 3D Animation
  • Any application that can take advantage of a large number of cores and threads

Like all of our systems, they have been fully bench-tested and optimized for the most stable and high-speed performance. We carefully choose all of our system components for optimal performance, expandability compatibility, and reliability. We always try and test our systems with the broadest array of software and hardware possible. Still, on cutting edge systems like this, you should check with the various software and hardware manufacturers about compatibility. 

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Is this a good option for an audio production system?

The short answer, for now, is no.

Most current audio applications do not seem to be able to deal with more than 32 threads or do not handle large thread count effectively. Real-time audio becomes less efficient on very high core/thread systems. Applications that rely more on offline render and large buffering such as video, graphics, and 3D animation applications can take better advantage of the larger core/thread count typically. 

How many Graphics cards can I install?

With the PCI-e 4.0 bus architecture and bandwidth available, you can technically install up to 4 cards.  With our testing, though, we find limiting it to 3 cards max offers better results. In a two-card configuration, both cards run at a full 16x speed, and no other PCI-e slots are blocked. In a three-card configuration two cards run at 16x and one card runs at 8x and a 1x PCI-e slot is blocked. In a four-card configuration, all cards end up having to run at 8x so the bandwidth we feel is not worth it. Plus, all PCI-e slots end up being used or blocked, so no more PCI-e devices can be added to the system.

Does this system offer Thunderbolt 3 ports? 

Short answer, maybe? 

The system comes with a Titan-Ridge based add on card that has two USB 3.1 Type C port that is technically also Thunderbolt 3.0 ports. Thunderbolt support on the AMD platform is still very new, and many, if not most, audio and video interface manufacturers have not tested or officially support Thunderbolt 3 on an AMD system. We have tested some Thunderbolt 3 hard drives on the system that have worked fine but have not been able to test any audio interfaces.


Here are some general benchmark results so you can get an idea of its performance to other systems we offer at similar price performance ranges.

PassMark CPU mark rating

TRX40 CPU Mark results


Passmark single thread rating

TRX40 Passmark single thread rating

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