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    Remote Music and Video collaboration and production resources

    Well, it looks like everyone is stuck at home for the time being. But, there is no need to stop being creative r from working with your friends and co-workers remotely. 

    Other than the audio/video software and hardware you already own, you typically only need a reliable, relatively fast internet and maybe a webcam. 

    Other than learning the particular workflows for each solution, the main hurdle is always latency. You will never get super low latencies as you would on your local machine, but with a fast internet connection, remote collaboration and production are possible and affordable.

    Here are some of the more popular audio collaboration solutions that we or some of our customers have been using. 


    NINJAM is open source (GPL) software to allow people to make real music together via the Internet. Every participant can hear every other participant. Each user can also tweak their mix to his or her liking. NINJAM is cross-platform, with clients available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. REAPER (our digital audio workstation software for Windows and OS X) also includes NINJAM support (ReaNINJAM plug-in).



    Listento is a software audio plug-in developed by Audiomovers. Primarily designed for translate the audio signal from DAW to web-browser session. Listento allows real-time translation in both an uncompressed (PCM) and lossless (AAC) audio formats. Plug-in is available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX formats.

    Source Connect 

    An industry standard, Source-Connect, is an ISDN alternative that enables all of the above benefits without any of the above pitfalls, as it is a reasonably priced, monthly subscription software. It allows its users to bridge into any ISDN line, making the need for an actual ISDN line obsolete.

    Steinberg VST Connect Pro

    Steinberg VST Connect Pro is a complete remote recording solution that lets you collaborate with any musician with an Internet connection and a computer anywhere on the planet. Data encryption, multi-track recording, live video chat, audio stream protection, and MIDI support make geographical distance irrelevant to studio production workflows.

    Steinberg Transit 

    VST Transit ushers in a cloud collaboration service that can't be topped! Connect with musicians and producers you would possibly not meet in real life; collaborate with friends and strangers sharing the same common interest, and contribute to each others' projects!


    Blend makes the process of producing music interactive. The social platform helps music producers share music projects in source format, perfect for remixing, collaborating, learning from, and gathering feedback from others in the global community.


    Kompoz allows musicians from all around the world to collaborate online to create new original music. Sign up for free. Use GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, REAPER, or any other audio software to record your ideas, then upload them to Kompoz. Invite your friends to collaborate or meet new friends across the world.

    With Kompoz, you can create songs with a bass player in Stockholm, a drummer in Nashville, and a guitar player in Kalamazoo. Crowdsource music production with our cloud-based workspace tools.

    Online Music Collaboration with Kompoz from on Vimeo.

    Upload all your source media, work in progress, and assets into private workspaces where you can invite your team and clients to collaborate

    Other useful tools for remote online collaboration include online storage like Google DriveDropbox, and One Drive. Group communications tools like Slack are great for easy to follow threaded conversations for your clients and co-workers. Video chat room programs like Zoom and our personal favorite Jitsi are a necessity now for productive remote collaboration. 

    I'm sure we missed some of the other solutions out there. There are many now, and there will be more software and hardware-based remote collaboration coming out soon, I'm sure.

    Do you have a favorite remote online collaboration tool or workflow? Let us know about it in the comments!

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