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    OHM Force

    Ohm Force was founded in 2000 by a couple of friends freshly graduated from engineering schools and well-versed in digital music. They had an ambitious goal in mind: to create an online collaborative DAW (digital audio workstation) so that people all over the world could make music together. Juvenile as they were, it did not take them much long before they realized how diabolically complex a project it was. Far from surrendering, they decided to pursue their dream on a longer-term basis. Making audio plug-ins in the first place would be a way to prepare the ground whilst acquiring the necessary experience. Thus came OhmBoyz to the world, followed by a plenty of other strange creatures. After the release of our latest plug-in - the widely praised Ohmicide - in 2007, time was ripe for the next stage. The Ohm Force story had just begun...

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