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    MusicalSampling Soaring Strings Kontakt Library Download

    Manufacturer: MusicalSampling
    performance oriented strings Kontakt Library Download Mac/PC
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    Soaring Strings - Overview

    With so many great legato string libraries out there, why another one?

    Because Soaring Strings focuses on performance, by having the players really dig in with the vibrato and giving you all they had with the triple forte dynamic. This also meant approaching the sessions in a unique, musical way to capture the kind of singular legato everybody is looking for.

    Keep things simple

    Another focus was to dial things back and to confine oneself to the essentials of producing credible string arrangements in a shorter amount of time:

    • a single, natural mix and omitting seldom-used legato articulations

    • a "Sustain Sync" feature that synchronizes the starting sustain with the following intervals/repetitions, which saves you from having to make adjustments to start-notes

    • a "To Silence" button that can enable the modwheel to completely diminish the softest dynamic to silence

    • recording a medium-sized ensemble provides both "solo-istic" detail and natural transparency.

    Key Features

    • Companion library to Adventure Strings.
    • Innovative musical approach to sessions.
    • Medium-sized ensembles: Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses.
    • Sections recorded in traditional seating arrangement.
    • Molto expressivo vibrato across the upper dynamic range.
    • Four dynamics of legato (p < fff), including true FFF sampling.
    • Fives dynamics of sustains (pp < fff).
    • True Bow-Change Repetition sampling
    • Sustain Sync feature.
    • To Silence feature.
    • Detailed Sustain patches for each section.
    • Includes All Strings Sustains patches.
    • Recorded on a scoring stage.
    • Recorded in 48khz / 24bit.
    • 6.4 GB uncompressed (4 GB compressed NCW format).
    • Compatible with Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher (requires full version of Kontakt).
    • Receive watermarked product by Continuata Connect downloader


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