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    Impact Soundworks Impact Everything Bundle Download

    Manufacturer: Impact Soundworks
    Massive virtual instrument collection
    SKU: 1224-25
    $2,569.00 excl tax
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    Delivery date: Electronic Delivery: Software and Software Subscriptions are Not Returnable!

    Impact Everything Bundle

    Includes every virtual instrument and plugin in the Impact Soundworks catalog at a massive discount – save 55% on the list price!


    Products Included:
    • Everything!


    • All Shreddage guitars and basses
    • Super Audio Cart & Super Audio Cart PC
    • Plectra Series 1-5 world instruments
    • Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion and Rhapsody: Orchestral Colors
    • Bravura Scoring Brass Complete
    • Pearl Concert Grand
    • Straight Ahead Jazz Horns
    • Koron: Traditional Instruments of Iran
    • Momentum
    • Ventus Ethnic Winds series
    • Juggernaut, Celestia, Super Audio Cart and ReForged
    • Shreddage Drums, Groove Bias, Forest Frame Drums
    • Keyboards, vocals, sound design + much more!


    Important: Please note that the FULL version of Kontakt is required to run most instruments, except where otherwise noted below. We recommend the latest update of Kontakt 5 for maximum compatibility with all instruments.

    • KONTAKT version 5.4 or higher (FULL version, not player
    • 185GB disk space (16-bit samples)
    • 210GB disk space (24-bit samples)
    • 8GB of RAM recommended
    • Core i3, i5, i7 processor recommended
    • Windows 7 / Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
    • 7200 RPM hard drive or solid state drive recommended

    Additional Requirements:

    • ReValver HPse requires VST or AU-compatible host & 32-bit capability
    • Peavey ReValver HPse virtual amp sim included
    • WAV, REX2 and SAGE (Stylus RMX) formats
    • 128 patches (for Interplanetary only)
    • Native Instruments MASSIVE v1.4.2 required (for Interplanetary only)
    • Fully tagged with attributes(for Interplanetary only)
    • 256 patches (for Overload only)
    • u-he DIVA Required (for Overload only)
    • This product is equivalent to Diva Overload V1 & Overload MAXX (for Overload only)
    • 357 patches (for Tetralogy only)
    • X/Y control on each patch (for Tetralogy only)
    • u-he Zebra 2.6+ required (for Tetralogy only)
    • A DAW / host program that supports sidechaining (for Peak Rider only)
    • VST or AU compatible DAW (32 & 64bit versions available) (for Peak Rider only)


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