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    Impact Soundworks Bravura Scoring Brass: Complete Download

    Manufacturer: Impact Soundworks
    Orchestral brass ensembles + soloists
    SKU: 1224-16
    $199.00 excl tax
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    A complete collection of orchestral brass ensembles, soloists, and aleatoric FX recorded with stunning depth in a large scoring studio. Featuring three mic positions, extensive articulations, and incredibly powerful scripting, BSB is an ideal tool for film, TV & game scoring. Bravura Scoring Brass works with the Free Kontakt Player. Individual ensembles and soloists are also available “a la carte” and require the Full Version of Kontakt.

    * 55,000+ samples in 16 and 24-bit
    * Horn, trombone, trumpet & low brass ensembles
    * Solo trumpet, picc trumpet, trombone
    * Solo french horn, tuba, flugelhorn
    * True legato for all instruments
    * Staccato, tenuto, marcato, rips, falls
    * Trills, flutters, multi-tongues & vibrato
    * Aleatoric FX, figures & phrases
    * Recorded in a large scoring studio

    * Orchestrator & Chordmaker patches
    * Customizable keyswitches
    * MIDI CC assignable dynamics + vibrato
    * Stack mode doubles or triples ensemble size
    * Apply simulated muting to all articulations
    * Deep per-articulation tweaking controls
    * 3 types of short notes via KS or velocity
    * Powerful & beautiful interface
    * Compatible with free KONTAKT PLAYER

    * Kontakt Player 5.4 or higher
    * 22GB disk space
    * 8GB of RAM (all mics/artics)
    * Core 2 Duo processor or better


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