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iConnectivity develops hardware and software for musicians that adds computers and mobile devices to their toolset, and is changing the way musicians wire up their gear through easy-to-use but powerful network connectivity capabilities.

We create devices that reduce complexity and cost for everyone with a passion for creating, recording, exploring or supporting music.

iConnectivity is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada and also has sales, marketing, and support staff in the USA and the UK. Our award winning products are sold worldwide through music retailers both in store and online.

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iConnectivity mio

1x1 MIDI interface for Mac or PC with world-class iConnectivity engineering inside. It's plug-and-play, easy to install, fast, and dependable (just like you).

iConnectivity mio2

2x2 5-pin MIDI, support for two Macs/PCs at the same time.

iConnectivity mioXM

4x4 5 pin MIDI Din, 4x USB MIDI ports, 12 Network / RTP MIDI ports and much more.

iConnectivity mioXL

8x12 5-pin MIDI, and support for everything: 10X USB MIDI host ports, 22 Network/RTP MIDI ports, inter-computer MIDI... up to 23 computers at the same time!