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    D16 Redoptor 2 2nd Generation Vintage Tube Distortion Audio Plugin Download

    Manufacturer: D16 Group
    2nd Generation Vintage Tube Distortion Audio Plugin Mac/PC
    SKU: 1035-182
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    Redoptor is a high-quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator

    The organic sound of a tube amplifier being pushed into breakup has been the gold standard for as long as musicians have been experimenting with overdriven and distorted tones.

    The gentle, natural compression and rich blend of even and odd harmonics produced by analog tube circuitry makes any signal feel more powerful, punchy, and alive. Unlike solid-state transistor and fuzz circuits which only produce odd harmonics and limit the incoming signal in a subjectively unnatural and unresponsive way, Redoptor smoothly responds to the dynamics of the source material, just like a real tube amp. This means that loud signals get saturated with more crunch and delicious harmonics, then return to their clean state gradually as their release tail decays. This enables dynamic, sonically pleasing distortions.

    Exacting circuit emulation

    In addition to its spot-on modeling of hot vacuum tubes being pushed into glorious, creamy distortion, Redoptor packs several features that allow it to accurately mimic the behavior of complex analog circuit components in all their interactive, complimentary glory. Every individual element of the plugin’s signal chain was designed to capture & recreate the quirks and subtleties of proper high-quality analog tube distortion. Additionally, Redoptor’s adjustable tube bias parameter adds subtle amplification of even harmonics and gentle transient reshaping - an extra smattering of grease between your 1’s and 0’s.

    Completely adjustable preamp

    Redoptor expands on classic tube guitar amplifier circuitry by offering total control of the preamp’s frequency range. The high and and low cutoffs have optional insert points (before or after the signal is processed) allowing for incredibly versatile sound shaping – from sending lo-fi signals into shredded chaos to full-spectrum tone thickening, it’s really up to you.

    The Tone Hunter's Dream EQ

    While many typical amplifiers and emulations rely on a fixed graphical EQ offering limited controls, Redoptor features a powerful parametric equalizer with independent gain and frequency control for all 4 bands, allowing you to “hunt” for peaks in your audio, and surgically hush them or shove them into the stratosphere!

    Independent stereo channel processing

    Although based on the mono-by-design signal paths of vintage guitar amps, Redoptor is a “True Stereo” tube distortion unit with an independent path for each channel in your stereo signal. This sends each side to their own world of harmonics and distortion. Synth sounds, for example, can benefit from enhanced definition and stereo imaging in addition to the increased analog feel offered by tube distortion emulation, without suffering from muddy cross-bleed.

    Tame Those Dynamics

    We added two studio essentials for creative gain-staging: a pre-gain compressor module and master output limiter providing even more freedom to sculpt your magnum opus within the Redoptor 2 sandbox. The preliminary compressor reins in peaks, lifts valleys and adds punch to your signal before it hits the highly responsive distortion stage. The master output limiter tames leftover spikes, polishes your signal and kisses its forehead before sending it on its way.

    Character as Unique as you are

    Saturation plugins often suffer from thin, metallic overdrive, flat responses and laminated tones. Redoptor perfectly emulates the behavior of classic hot-rodded tube guitar amplifier circuits, allowing it to sound just as good as its real-world analog ancestors. Guitarists working in the digital realm will feel perfectly at home with Redoptor 2. Those who have played through an excellent high-gain tube amp will find the plug-in’s cozy warmth, crunch, responsiveness, and singing overtones immediately familiar.

    Producers and electronic musicians will also find Redoptor indispensable due to its high-quality distortion, rich & creamy harmonics, and the biting attitude it brings to their sounds. Use it to reamp DI guitar parts, fatten drum loops, sweeten arpeggiated synths, beef up bass lines, or heat up any sterile audio and feel the difference its warm, rich, and truly unique character brings to your music.


    Software and hardware requirements of the product

    Windows PC

    OS version
    Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
    2.0 GHz SSE (Multicore 2.4 GHz recommended)
    8 GB (16 GB Recommended)
    VST2 / AAX compatible host application (32bit or 64bit)

    Mac OS X

    OS version
    OS X 10.7 to OS X 11
    Intel based 2.0 GHz (2.4 GHz recommended)
    8 GB (16 GB Recommended)
    AU / VST2 / AAX compatible host application (64bit only!)


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