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    Vienna Dimension Strings Up to 40% Off Dimension Strings + Free Ponticello Bonus Pack till Feb 1st

    Up to 40% Off Dimension Strings + Free Ponticello Bonus!

    Download the free Ponticello Bonus Pack, only if you're a registered user of the VI Dimension Strings Bundle or the SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings Bundle. If you're not, you can now purchase or complete your Dimension Strings Bundle at unpre...

    (0) New Promotion: Free Con Sordino Expansion Set for Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda

    Free BBO: Andromeda Expansion Set

    Download the free Con Sordino Expansion Set, offering beautifully enigmatic and gentle tutti performances, only if you're a registered user of Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda. If you're not, you can now purchase the entire Andromeda pack for the special price of just...

    (0) DAWBench Radio Show Episode 05: The Art of Orchestral Sampling : Audio Bro – LASS and Beyond !

    Great new episode from our Aussie friends over at Dawbench and AAVIM technology with an illuminating conversation with special guest Andrew Keresztes, the founder and lead developer at Audio Bro.

    The Art of Orchestral Sampling : Audio Bro – LASS and Beyond !

    Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology, I am joined by guest co-host Erin McKimm, and special guest Andrew Keresztes, the founder and lead developer at Audio Bro

    We cover Andrews early foray into DAW benchmarking, which was the catalyst for me heading down the rabbit warren with DAWbench, cover his personal history and career as a professional film/TV composer and what motivated him to become a sample library developer.

    We also dive under the bonnet of Kontakt to explore why it remains one of the most popular sample engine platforms for developers and explore the dynamics of the evolving and expanding area of cloud content delivery.

    We also cover some curves navigated transitioning from Cubendo to Reaper, and successfully using it as Professional audio and compositional environment.

    There is also some great insight and advice for young and/or up and coming composers regards navigating the zoo of getting their foot in the door, and much more.

    (0) Remote Music and Video collaboration and production resources

    Well, it looks like everyone is stuck at home for the time being. But, there is no need to stop being creative r from working with your friends and co-workers remotely. 

    Other than the audio/video software and hardware you already own, you typically only need a reliable, relatively fast internet an...

    (0) Fundamental Audio and Video COVID-19 Statement

    To our friends and customers,

    We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this COVID 19 pandemic. 

    All of us are going to face struggles during this. Here is some important information about its effects on our business. 

    • We are still open for sales and support during our regular busines...
    (0) Resources for Musicians and Videographers impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Hi All,
    Hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this madness.
    Here is is a list of some covid19 resources for all our musicians, audio production, video broadcast, and production folks that we have found useful. 

    Do you have any of your own? Please feel free to post them in the comments so ...

    (0) Introducing our New AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen system

    We now offer an AMD 3rd gen Ryzen powered workstation.

    Our Fundamental AV Neo AMD offers monstrous CPU performance at a reasonable price. Like all of our systems, they are fully bench tested and optimized for the most stable and high-speed performance. We carefully choose all of our system componen...

    (0) Fundamental AV Systems at NAMM. featuring our TB31015 15" laptop in action!

    Hey folks,

    Although we were not able to attend NAMM in person this year we were able to send some systems!

    We sent Synthax three of our ultra-thin TB31015 15" laptops to run their demo rigs for showcasing the Babyface Pro FS, Digiface Dante and Digiface AVB interfaces.

    Here a TB31015 being used at the RME/Synthax booth running their demos for the new Babyface Pro FS using Gig Performer and an amp sim running at a 48 buffer glitch-free.

    Here a TB31015 being use...

    (0) New! RME Audio products announced for NAMM

    New at NAMM!

    RME Audio has announced a whole line of new products for this year that look very exciting and innovative.

    Shipping in January 2020

    Babyface Pro FS

    This next-generation model replaces the current Babyface Pro. Featuring new rep and converter design and well as a fantastic Plug...

    (0) DAWBench Radio Episode 03: Audio Interface Low Latency Performance : RME – Setting the Bar !

    Check out this new and very informative pobcast episode from Dawbench.

    Hosts Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology, and guest co-host Erin Leon Herbers of XI Machines, and special guest Matthias Carstens, the co founder and head of development of RME discuss RME's history, culture and business philoso...