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Realistic sample libraries of acoustic instruments.

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Acousticsamples Balani Instrument Download

The Virtual Balafon Balani is a 2 1/2 octave balafon (or balaphon) with small calabash resonators form Guinea. sample library plugin

Acousticsamples WoodBoxes Cajon Instrument Download

WoodBoxes is a compilation of two Cajon libraries, WoodBox a regular sized Cajon and TheBox a Bass Cajon. sample library plugin

Acousticsamples Bassysm-F Fretless Bass Instrument Download

The Bassysm-F Fretless bass is a five string ibanez bass with roundwound strings. sample library plugin

Acousticsamples A-Pian Gran Piano Instrument Download

The A-Pian Grand piano is and old french Gaveau piano sample library plugin

Acousticsamples B-Pian Instrument Download

The B-Pian Upright is a bad, old, out of tune, mechanically unperfect but still usable upright piano sample library plugin

Acousticsamples SmallDrumKits Drum Instrument Download

The SmallDrumKits are 4 different Drum Kits (3kits plys the old DrumysM), each has two toms, a snare, a ride, a hihat and a bass drum. sample library plugin