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    ACON DIGITAL Acon Acoustica 7 Premium Download

    Comprehensive Spectral Audio Editor Mac/PC
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    Acoustica 7.3 — now with Native Support for Apple Silicon

    Acoustica 7 is the perfect solution for audio editing, podcast creation, mastering and audio restoration on both Mac and PC. The application is available in a Premium Edition and a lower cost Standard Edition. Both include a powerful and sample accurate clip editor that lets you navigate and edit single track audio with pristine quality. You can also create multitrack sessions where you can import or record audio clips to separate tracks that you can mix and process.

    The Premium Edition adds advanced features such as spectral editing with powerful retouch algorithms and multi-channel support up to 7.1 surround. A large collection of plug-ins are included and seamlessly integrated into the application. With the Premium Edition, you can also use these in other host applications supporting VST, VST3, AAX or Audio Units (Mac only):

    • Mastering Suite consisting of Equalize 2, Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics, Limit and Dither.
    • Verberate 2, our renowned natural sounding reverb plug-in
    • Restoration Suite 2 with four plug-ins for audio restoration: DeNoise 2, DeHum 2, DeClick 2 and DeClip 2.
    • Extract:Dialogue automatically reduces background noise in dialogue recordings
    • DeWind:Dialogue automatically reduces wind noise from dialogue
    • DeRustle:Dialogue automatically reduces clothing rustle and microphone bump noise from lavalier recordings
    • DeBuzz:Dialogue automatically reduces buzz and hum noises such as neon light buzz, AC power hum, RF transmission interference from dialogue recordings
    • Transfer, an AAX plug-in that makes audio transfers between Pro Tools and Acoustica a breeze.

    The Standard Edition also includes a wide range of processing tools integrated into the application. Both editions offer VST, VST3 and Audio Unit (Mac only) plug-in support and a Remix tool based on deep learning that can split a complete mix in up to five stems and remix them in real-time. You can also import a complete mix into a multitrack session and let Acoustica create separate tracks for each stem automatically.

    The flexible user interface with docking window panes gives access to an arsenal of real-time analysis tools, including EBU R-128 and ITU-R BS.1770 compliant loudness metering, true peak level metering, phase correlation measurements and spectrum analysis. You can save and load workspace files that contain the list of open files, the content of the processing chain and the window layout.

    Most Important New Features at a Glance

    • Native support for Apple Silicon processors such as Apple M1
    • Acoustica Premium Edition adds four new plug-ins for dialogue post production based on deep learning:
      • Extract:Dialogue
      • DeWind:Dialogue
      • DeRustle:Dialogue
      • DeBuzz:Dialogue
    • Improved selection tools in the spectral editor: Geometries can now be moved and resized
    • Improved Remix tool with adjustable sensitivity for each stem and a separate download is no longer required
    • Improved audio quality of the Time Stretch and Transpose tools
    • Several improvements in the multitrack editor, including clip fades, region selection with optional looping and snapping
    • Files can now be dragged from the Media File Browser and dropped in the clip editor, multitrack sessions or CD projects

    32 Bit Support

    The support for the 32 bit Windows version was discontinued with the release of Acoustica 7.2.

    General FeaturesStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Supported driver models for audio recording and playback (Windows)ASIO, Windows Audio (exclusive and non-exclusive), DirectSoundASIO, Windows Audio (exclusive and non-exclusive), DirectSound
    Supported driver models for audio recording and playback (Mac)CoreAudioCoreAudio
    Maximum number of audio channels2 (stereo)8 (up to 7.1 channel surround)
    Maximum sample rate384 kHz384 kHz
    Supported bit resolutionsUp to 32 bit PCM or floating pointUp to 32 bit PCM or floating point
    Timer and input level triggered recordingYesYes
    Number of undo and redo levelsUnlimitedUnlimited
    Ultra fast non-destructive editing engineYesYes
    Standard cut, copy, paste and mix editingYesYes
    Optional Auto de-click at splice pointsYesYes
    Drag and drop editingYesYes
    Support for labels and region markersYesYes
    Support for Workspace filesYesYes
    Cleaning Wizard that simplifies LP or tape to CD transfersYesYes
    Time formatsHour:Min:Sec:MS, SMPTE (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 drop frame, 29.97 non-drop frame, 30 fps), Sample index, Bar:beat:tickHour:Min:Sec:MS, SMPTE (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 drop frame, 29.97 non-drop frame, 30 fps), Sample index, Bar:beat:tick
    Regions can be saved as separate filesYesYes
    Tabbed MDI user interfaceYesYes

    Spectral EditingStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Switch between waveform and spectrogram view in clip editorNoYes
    Temporaral resolution enhancementN/AUp to 8X
    Time-frequency selection toolsN/AArea (time range, frequency range or combined), brush, freehand and magic wand
    Retouch tool (attenuates noise in time-frequency selections)NoYes
    Overtone selectionN/AYes, alt + mousewheel or arrow up / down sets number of harmonics
    Frequency scalesN/AMel scale, logarithmic or linear

    Multitrack EditingStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Multitrack editorYesYes
    Maximum number of rendered audio channels2 (stereo)8 (including 7.1 and 5.1 surround)
    Maximum number of tracksUnlimitedUnlimited
    Processing chainsTrack inserts, master inserts and send effectsTrack inserts, master inserts and send effects
    Loop or time stretch clipsYesYes
    Cross-fade between clipsYesYes
    Clip fadesYesYes
    Automation curvesVolume, left to right pan, back to front pan and send levelVolume, left to right pan, back to front pan and send level

    Real-time AnalyzersStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Level meter with true or sample peak, peak hold and RMS indicatorsYesYes
    Level meter modesK-20, K-14, K12 and digital full scaleK-20, K-14, K12 and digital full scale
    Customizable level meter ballistic settingsYesYes
    Loudness meterYes (EBU R-128 compliant)Yes (EBU R-128 compliant)
    Spectrum analyzerYesYes
    Phase correlation meterYesYes
    Time displayYesYes

    Analysis ToolsStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Spectrum analysisYesYes
    Spectrogram analysisYesYes
    Wavelet (Morlet wavelet) analysisYesYes
    Spectral histrogramYesYes
    Automatic track splittingYesYes

    Seamlessly Integrated Plug-InsStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Restoration Suite 2Yes, but with DeNoise Light (static noise profile only and fewer parameters)Yes
    Mastering SuiteDynamics, Limit, Dither and a feature limited version of Equalize 2All
    Verberate 2Feature limited versionYes

    Audio ProcessingStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Processing chainYesYes
    Plug-in supportVST, VST3 and AU (Mac only)VST, VST3 and AU (Mac only)
    Real-time preview audio processorsYesYes
    Preset managerYes (for internal tools)Yes (for internal tools)
    Volume curvesYesYes
    Fade ins and outs with five different curvesYesYes
    High quality sample format conversionYesYes
    Dithering and noise shapingYesYes
    Channel mixer for stereo image adjustmentsYesYes
    Batch processing (files and complete folder structures)YesYes
    Add sampler loopsYesYes
    Loop fader (cross-faded loops)YesYes
    Test signal generatorYesYes
    Dynamics (compressor, expanded and gate)YesYes
    Multiband Dynamics (multiband compressor, expanded and gate)NoYes

    Audio RestorationStandard EditionPremium Edition
    DeClickYes (from Restoration Suite 2)Yes (from Restoration Suite 2)
    DeClipYes (from Restoration Suite 2)Yes (from Restoration Suite 2)
    DeNoiseLight version with only static noise profile and fewer parametersYes (from Restoration Suite 2)
    DeHumYes (from Restoration Suite 2)Yes (from Restoration Suite 2)
    Automatically remove DC offsetsYesYes

    EffectsStandard EditionPremium Edition
    ReverbYesVerberate 2
    Convolution reverbYesYes
    Echo (multitap delay width feedback filtering and optional stereo bouncing)YesYes
    Modulate (flanger and phaser)YesYes
    ChorusYes, based on Acon Digital MultiplyYes, based on Acon Digital Multipl
    Transpose (pitch change)YesYes
    Time StretchingYesYes
    Harmonizer with up to four voicesYesYes

    File FormatsStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Supported audio formatsWAV, WAV64, AIFF, MP4 (AAC – Windows 7 or higher required), MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMAWAV, WAV64, AIFF, MP4 (AAC – Windows 7 or higher required), MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA
    Edit ACID information i wave files​YesYes
    Integrated file browser pane in the workspaceYesYes

    CD ProjectsStandard EditionPremium Edition
    Integrated audio burningYesYes
    Disc At Once burning (DAO) for gapless recordingYesYes
    Import audio tracks from CDsYesYes
    Supports buffer underun protection schemesYesYes
    Save and load CD projectsYesYes
    Erase CD-RWsYesYes


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